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Buildframe Solutions Ltd was formed in January 2010. The Company was created in response to an industry need for a construction company that can offer multiple choice whilst maintaining a quality service that puts the customer as the priority at all times. Buildframe Solutions Ltd is that company.

Today we are a thriving enterprise delivering services to some of the construction industry's largest players. We operate a number of specialist teams who are equipped with the skills to deal with the most demanding projects. We pride ourselves on our people's proven ability to deliver success for our clients though their tenacity and ingenuity in what are often the most difficult of circumstances.

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Our Values Make Us Different

From the outset we recognised that to provide quality services to quality clients, Buildframe Solutions was going to need to be different and being different from our competitors means we need to think differently and act differently.

With quality and value for money being the key drivers behind today's construction projects, Buildframe Solutions Ltd has invested in its people, processes and systems to ensure that the company operates as efficiently as possible, and with a culture of Continual Improvement, learns from experience and builds those lessons into the next project that we undertake.

Investing in People & Culture

The quality of any service is directly linked to the quality of the company and people providing it. That's why our model is to employ our own core staff and invest in them. We not only invest in their training but also in their understanding of key drivers and objectives associated with successfully delivering projects for our clients, such as productivity, efficiency and profitability.

The Buildframe way is to be open and inclusive with our people and this is born out of a recognition of the fact that the people who are directly delivering the service are the ones who are most acutely aware of the problems and often in possession of the solutions. We believe that effective communication is key to success and we strive to achieve this both internally within our company and also with our clients.

Investing in Processes & Systems

Our clients are often much larger companies than we are and they often demand high levels of flexibility and responsiveness in the services that we deliver to them. This is why Buildframe Solutions Ltd has invested considerably in developing our own internal processes and systems. This hasn't come cheaply but we believe that in order to be our client's preferred choice then we need to be easier to do business with and heads and shoulders above our competition when it comes to quality of service delivery.

We work hard to ensure that the work we do complies with our clients' standards and specification, adhering to Detail Plans and Work Instructions at all times. At the end of each project phase we carry out a formal handover and sign off to ensure that all requirements have been agreed and met.

Investing in Project Success

Effective Project Management is to be found at the heart of every successful project. At Buildframe Solutions Ltd we believe that the key to avoiding project over-runs, escalating costs, costly mistakes and erosion of profits is the implementation of effective Project Management tools and techniques.

These include;

  • Daily project updates from site to the Buildframe Management Team
  • Daily updates to our Clients, detailing key project events, allowing them to make timely decisions regarding issues that threaten the project schedule.
  • Daily Progress updates against project plan.
  • Daily updates of work successfully achieved, relieving the anxiety of not knowing how well  the project is progressing as well as removing the need to ask.

Buildframe Solutions Ltd have made a significant investment in the development of our own OnTime Management System to provide practical support to our teams on site, operational information to our Management Team and to provide timely updates of the most significant daily operational information that our clients request.

OnTime updates allow us and our clients to be aware of the site events that matter in time to do something about them, keeping the project on track, on time and on budget.

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